Zero separation. Together for better care! Keep preterm and sick babies close to their parents

Healthcare systems all around the world are confronted with an extraordinary challenge. A pandemic that affects the whole of society and yet seems to impact each individual differently. Again, children are especially vulnerable in this worldwide pandemic. Even more so hospitalised and preterm newborns. Their vulnerability also affects their parents. The outbreak of COVID-19 made neonatal units adopt a separation policy, limiting or prohibiting access of parents to neonatal care units. With our international campaign “Zero Separation. Together for better care! Keep preterm and sick babies close to their parents”, GLANCE reacts to this development. In cooperation with our international network, we developed a long-term campaign to support parents of hospitalised newborns and healthcare professionals in neonatal care units with the aim to enable infant and family-centred developmental care in line with COVID-19-precautions.

The impact of separation policies on parents, children but also healthcare professionals have been revealed during the pandemic and Infant- and family-centred developmental care became a prominent topic in numerous webinars and presentations in the neontal community. Very recently, Dr. Suman Rao (WHO) also presented and discussed facts about Zero Separation in a very intruiging presentation (click below).

What we know about Breastfeeding and newborn care in the context of COVID-19

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Download our Zero separation. Together for better care! campaign resources to engage in this campaign and show your support for newborns and their families. Resources are available in 28 languages to help you promote family-centred care in times of COVID-19.

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Arabic – Le Yahia; Bulgarian – Our Premature Children Foundation (OPCF); Czech – Nedoklubko and Dr Josef Mack; Danish – Jonas Wang; Dutch – Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ouders van Couveusekinderen (VVOC) and Professor Luc Zimmermann; Estonian – MTÜ Enneaegsed lapsed; Finnish – Kevyt; French – SOS Préma; German – EFCNI; Greek –  ilitominon; Hebrew – Prof. Eran Hadar; Hungarian – Melletted a Helyem Egyesület; Italian – Vivere Onlus; Japanese – Professor Satoshi Kusuda and Dr Takeshi Arimitsu; Lithuanian – Neišnešiotukas; Macedonian – Dr Denis Al Khalili; Norwegian – Prematurforeningen; Polish – Fundacja Koalicja dla wcześniaka; Portuguese – Brazilian Parents of Preemies’ Association, Nascer Prematuro and XXS – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio ao Bebé Prematuro; Romanian – Baby Care Sibiu, Asociatia Unu şi Unu and Asociatia Prematurilor; Russian – The Charity Fund ‘Give Sunshine’; Serbian – Mali div – Little Giant; Slovakian – malíček; Spanish – Con Amor Vencerás, FUNDAPREMA, Neovidas and Prematura; Taiwanese – Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan; Turkish – El Bebek Gül Bebek Derneği; Ukrainian – Early Birds (Ranni Ptashky);

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We warmly thank the following parent and patient organisations, global non-profit organisations and healthcare societies for supporting and endorsing this campaign.

This campaign was developed, following the recommendations of the WHO in regards to the provision of newborn and maternal care in times of COVID-19. Last reviewed: September 2020.