Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

Glance is a transnational organisation, founded and led by the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI). GLANCE consists of a worldwide network of parent- and patient organisations. It is supported by a Founding Committee, the Chair Committee, specially assigned Working Groups and other partners like scientific societies and global NGOs.

GLANCE was initiated under the umbrella of EFCNI and is coordinated by the following EFCNI founding members:

Silke Mader, Germany
Nicole Thiele, Germany
Aurelia Abenstein, Germany
Sarah Fügenschuh, Germany

Founding Committee

The Founding Committee met one time only in June/July 2019 for the first Chair Committee Meeting and acts as the first Chair Committee The following nineteen patient representatives were instrumental in the launch of the first GLANCE Chair Committee meeting June 30 – July 1, 2019 and are recognised as the Founding Committee of GLANCE:

Fabiana Bacchini, Canada
Oleksandra Balyasna, Ukraine
Selina Bentoom, Ghana
Ilein Bolaños, México
Mandy Daly, Ireland
Paula Guerra, Portugal
Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez, USA
Alison McNulty, Northern Ireland
Livia Nagy, Hungary
Nina Nikolova, Bulgaria
Ilknur Okay, Turkey
Kylie Pussell, Australia
Asta Radzevičienė, Lithuania
Eleni Vavouraki, Greece

Chair Committee

The Chair Committee is the advisory committee for GLANCE. It provides strategic input for the planning process and coordinates the activities of the GLANCE Working Groups. It is geographically diverse and follows a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary approach. Term of office is 5 years.

Dr Takeshi Arimitsu, Japan
Selina Bentoom, Ghana
Ilein Bolaños, Mexico
Paula Guerra, Portugal
Juliëtte Kamphuis, The Netherlands
Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez, USA
Mary Kinney, USA/South Africa
Senkyire Ephraim Kumi, Ghana
Professor Satoshi Kusuda, Japan
Professor Jos Latour, UK/The Netherlands
Dr Daniel Nuzum, Ireland
Ilknur Okay, Turkey
Julia Petty, UK
Kylie Pussell, Australia
Dietmar Schlembach, Germany
Dr Eleni Vavouraki, Greece
Dr Salimah Walani, USA
Dr Karen Walker, Australia
Dr Björn Westrup, Sweden
Professor Dieter Wolke, UK/Germany

Working Groups

Working Groups will guide all activities of GLANCE. They are set-up as an international and interdisciplinary, multi- stakeholder collaboration of patient representatives, healthcare professionals, researcher, industry representatives, organisational educators and other relevant stakeholders. The Working Groups develop and coordinate campaigns, projects and initiatives that aim to support the objectives of GLANCE.