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We encourage all stakeholders, including individuals born too soon to small too sick and their families, the public, governments, non-governmental and civil society organisations, policymakers, researchers, and healthcare providers around the world to make this a truly inclusive and global initiative.

Whether you are an affected parent or former patient, planning to start an organisation to represent the patient voice in your region or you are a healthcare professional aiming to make a difference within treatment and care procedures in regards to infant and family centred developmental care, or you would like to join this movement and fund one of GLANCE’s projects as an industry representative, please contact

“As a neonatologist in Japan, I have been treating many high-risk infants in the NICU for over 30 years. The improvement in developing and implementing perinatal care standards in recent years is remarkable. Nonetheless, the prognosis for high-risk infants varies greatly by facility, country and region. I am convinced that with a worldwide standardisation of practices in neonatal health care we can greatly improve the prognosis of high-risk infants on a global level. I am pleased to be a member of the GLANCE Chair Committee. This allows me to connect with multiple and international stakeholders to work towards the implementation of standards and eventually provide every baby with the best start in life, worldwide.”

Professor Satoshi Kusuda,
Neonatologist at Kyorin University, Tokyo,
Director of the Neonatal Research Network of Japan and
Chair Committee member of GLANCE