Call to Action

The Founding Committee of GLANCE elaborated a first Global Call to Action with eight political demands to advance the care for babies born too soon, too small or too sick and the support given to their families. The Call to Action for Newborn Care has been endorsed by more than 170 healthcare societies, non-profit organisations and patient- and parent organisations.

The Call to Action is available in 22 languages and provides a variety of informative and promotional materials. You can download your copy and use it four your rallye on behalf of driving newborn and maternal health forward.

Girl’s and women’s reproductive health

Provide age-appropriate, standardised, evidence-based and scientifically accurate, comprehensive sexual education for every adolescent and adult.

Ensure that every girl and every woman has access to free health information and affordable health services to support her wellbeing, dignity and self-respect with regards to preconception, sexuality, pregnancy and parenthood.

Healthy pregnancy

Develop and disseminate knowledge about all topics pertaining to a healthy pregnancy.

Adopt measures to ensure that all pregnant women can access affordable and high-quality healthcare.

Safe and respectful birth

Provide every woman with a safe environment and respectful and supportive care during labour and delivery.

Educate, train and equip healthcare providers to ensure high-quality care.

Nurturing care

Provide every baby born too soon, too small, or too sick with high-quality care in all settings for the best start in life to develop to their full potential.

Establish a zero-separation policy in hospitals and provide family-friendly facilities.

Promote continuous training of healthcare providers, and offer parental involvement in all aspects of care.

Parent empowerment

Value, include, educate, and empower parents as key care givers of their babies at all times.

Provide access to emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial support to parents.

Follow-up and continuing care after discharge

Provide discharge management, follow up and continuing care to children born too soon, too small or too sick or with related health issues to promote long-term health and quality of life.

Provide continuing access to medical, financial, educational, emotional, and psychosocial support to these children and their families in home and community settings.

Research and data collection

Identify indicators for developmental and long-term health outcomes, and create assessment tools to allow benchmarking.

Support research for maternal and newborn health, develop and implement clinical guidelines and protocols to ensure evidence-based care, reduce mortality and morbidity, and improve quality of life.

Framework and Strategies

Develop and establish national and international frameworks for strategies to minimise risks before, during, and after birth.

We kindly thank our partners for their help and support in translating our GLANCE Call to Action Material:

Bulgarian – Margarita Gabrovska; Chinese – Prof. Liona Poon; Czech – Petra Kasparova, Nedoklubko and Dr Josef Mack; Dutch – Dr Gert Jan van Steenbrugge and Marijn Vermeulen; Estonian – Eva Näf and Livia Laas; Finnish – Sanni Tiivola-Jurvainen and Prof. Liisa Lehtonen; French – Sylvie Baranger-Strobel and Prof. Jacques Sizun; Greek –  Dr Eleni Vavouraki; Hebrew – Prof. Eran Hadar; Hungarian – Dr Venkovits Balázs and Dr Schill Beáta; Italian – Claudia Paolozza and Marina Cuttini; Japanese – Dr Kazuyo Uehara, Dr Aya Nakai, and Dr Miki Konishi; Macedonian – Dr Denis Al Khalili; Persian/Farsi – Dr Mohammad Reza Zarkesh; Portuguese – XXS – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio ao Bebé Prematuro; Romanian – Asociatia Unu şi Unu; Russian – Klyashtornaya O.V.; Slovakian – František Vašek; Swedish – Madelene Axelsson; Spanish – Ilein Bolaños González and Prof. Máximo Vento; Taiwanese – Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan; Turkish – İlknur Okay, Pırıl Okay and Prof. Eren Özek; Ukrainian – Olga Kozlenko;

How to join?
• Raise awareness by sharing the Call to Action on social media; use the hashtags #GLANCE and #GlobalCallToAction
Choose one demand that mirrors your individual situation best and develop your own claim around that
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Thanks to all supporting organisations and partners

We warmly thank the following parent and patient organisations, global non-profit organisations and healthcare societies for supporting the Global Call to Action for Newborn Care: