We are honoured to introduce you to the newly elected GLANCE Chair Committee. It was an objective to found a committee which is both geographically diverse and following a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary approach.

The The following 20 international representatives from 14 countries and various cultural backgrounds, equipped with a great skillset, have been elected for the next 5 years (in alphabetical order, from top row from left to right)
Dr Takeshi Arimitsu, Japan; Selina Bentoom, Ghana; Ilein Bolanos, Mexico; Paula Guerra, Portugal; Juliette Kamphuis, The Netherlands; Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez, USA; Mary Kinney, South Africa; Senkyire Ephraim Kumi, Ghana; Prof Satoshi Kusuda, Japan; Prof Jos Latour, UK; Dr Daniel Nuzum, Ireland; Ilknur Okay, Turkey; Julia Petty, UK; Kylie Pussell, Australia; Dr Dietmar Schlembach, Germany;  Dr Eleni Vavouraki, Greece;  Dr Salimah Walani, USA; Dr Karen Walker, Australia; Dr Björn Westrup, Sweden; Prof Dieter Wolke, UK.

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What are the tasks of the Chair Committee?

The Chair Committee is the advisory committee for GLANCE. It provides strategic input for the planning process and coordinates the activities of the GLANCE Working Groups and will meet once a year to discuss projects, priorities and important global topics within the maternal and newborn health arena. The first GLANCE Chair Committee Meeting will take place end of June near Munich, Germany.

Which projects and priorities will the GLANCE Committee discuss?

GLANCE aims to create, empower and support a global patient voice in each region of the world while taking into account the respective cultural, historical and socio-economic backgrounds and needs of families. To work towards this goal, a focus is placed on the topics girls’ and womens’ health, pregnancy and birth, newborn treatment and care as well as follow-up and continuing care. The Chair Committe will contribute with ist knowledge and experience to support GLANCE in making progress in these respective fields.

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